The Vertical Art Of Steel

Green facades, the technology for vertical green roofs as this application is better known, constitutes the successful specialization of CarlStahl, a company which is now recognized as an internationally renowned expert in this field.

CarlStahl has turned its vision into a responsible interaction with nature, therefore improving our living environment. The company is one of the market leaders specializing in almost any application involving steel cables and mesh systems for world-wide architectural and manufacturing applications. In this way it is providing complete solutions, and therefore contributing in creating green spaces in cities, particularly through the use of lightweight, transparent cable and mesh solutions.

Creative Cable And Mesh Solutions

CarlStahl provides a complete package of services comprising of individual service components, which lay the foundations that enable the development of creative ideas that utilize CarlStahl’s innovative stainless steel cables and mesh systems.

The offered complete package and solutions include:

  • System design, development, implementation and support
  • Structural analysis
  • Cost estimate and budgeting
  • Methodology and time-scheduling
  • Selection of the right product
  • Protection against corrosion
  • Supervision
  • Installation

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