Green Scenes and More Ltd is an innovative company based in Cyprus. Driven by excellence in performance. Our company consists of Landscape Architects, Environmental Engineers and Scientists who are all active in the field of Green Roofing systems, vertical green living wall systems and solutions as well as waterproofing technologies.

Together with our worldwide partners, whatever your specified requirements, we, together with our Environmental scientists, Landscaper’s, and engineers, offer nothing but the very best.

Our Mission is to contribute to the highest possible level in the improvement of quality of life by providing the finest solutions for all structures, be it both new structures and or existing buildings.

Utilizing rooftops is no longer merely a luxury, it is a necessity.

Not only are our systems aesthetically pleasing yet they are also a vital part of future architecture. Their application offers elegance and functionality to the built-up environment in which we both live and work, improving productivities within the overall feel of the workplace and general morale, yet more so creating a valuable counterbalance to the progressive development of overbuilt areas as green systems help to reduce the overall energy consumption and performance of infrastructures worldwide, while also improving air quality as well as the carbon footprint, drawing up a high percentage on energy saving.

Green Scenes aims not only to improve the aesthetic character of individual building structures but also to create residential and working spaces with low energy consumption, resulting in low energy costs, with all the subsequent environmental benefits. Benefits provided by the installation of green roofs and or vertical walls offer undisputable benefits.

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Why a Green Roofing?

Apart from their attractive appearance, green roofs offer numerous clear ecological and economical benefits, provided, of course, that the correct system build-up is employed to ensure long-term success. Green roofs are worth it, from installations on small garage roofs, right up to installations on large industrial surfaces.

  • Increased Water Retention
  • Reduced Energy Costs
  • Improved Noise Protection
  • Additional Space
  • Binding Dust and Toxic Particles
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ZinCo System Superstructures for Extensive and Intensive Landscaped Roofs

When designing and installing a green roof, it is important to provide a growing environment as close as possible to the plant’s natural environment. The most important factor is to compensate for the lack of subsoil. Each layer of a ZinCo green roof build-up is conceived to take over the relevant functions of the missing ground. A durable plant coverage is guaranteed.

  • Root Barrier
  • Moisture Retention / Protection Mat
  • Drainage Layer
  • Filter Sheet
  • Vegetation Layer
  • Plant Level
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Perfectly Integrated – a Park Landscape on the Roof

What people say about ZinCo

…a short message to express our thanks for a very successful kettle change at our galvanizing plant…carried out by your very professional and dedicated team.  All the planning…paid dividends as the whole process went very smoothly.

Neil HodgkinsonDirector, IAE, England.

We have used the services of Zinco UK for kettle pump outs, holding molten zinc and conducting on-line thickness checks several times in our two plants and can recommend them.  Whether in a planned pumpout or an emergency, their professionalism and organisation are a weight off the mind of a galvanizer.

Geoff CrowleyManaging Director, Highland Colour Coaters, Scotland.

…we undertook an inspection of our galvanizing kettle using your service.  This is the third time…Yet again the service has proved very useful to us and has helped us decide on the future of our kettle…I am happy to recommend your services and look forward to working with you again in the future.Your team were not only professional, but were great to work with. We were always informed, there were no surprises, and the job was done ahead of schedule.

We have a fabulous yard we enjoy every day! Thank you. We would highly recommend to all our friends.

Colm CullimoreGalvanizing Manager, Irish Pioneer Works Ltd, Ireland.

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