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About us

GreenWay Industries – The Art Of Environment

Green roofs and vertical green walls are a vital part of future architecture. Their application offers elegance and functionality to the built environment in which we live and work, while at the same time reduces energy consumption for air conditioning by improving the energy performance of buildings.

Greenway Industries, a pioneering company in Cyprus, is active in the sectors of green roof and vertical green wall solutions amongst others. Driven by excellence in performance, Greenway Industries is cooperating with leading international companies with decades of experience in this field. Among others, we collaborate with ZinCo, Germany, which specializes globally in the application of green roof technologies for over 40 years, as well as Carlstahl, ANS Global and Green Studios, which are experts in vertical green wall technologies. In addition, in order to offer a complete range of services, Greenway Industries is cooperating with IQ-Façade Future Technologies, a company specializing internationally in high level technological structures, and with Firecom, a manufacturing company of alternative, intelligent, and above all, environmentally friendly fire detection and firefighting products. Finally, Greenway Industries cooperates with WOLFIN Bautechnik, a company with over 50 years of experience in revolutionary methods for waterproofing and protectingflat roofs.

Greenway Industries aims not only to improve the aesthetic character of individual building structures but also to create residential and working spaces with low energy consumption, resulting in low energy costs, with all the subsequent environmental benefits. Other benefits provided by the installation of green roofs and vertical walls include the increase in rainwater retention, increase of biodiversity, as well as other undisputable benefits, which can be found in Greenway Industries’ website and brochures.

Our company consists of Landscape Architects, Environmental Engineers and Scientists working under the professional guidance and guarantee of the seven aforementioned companies. Our application specialist teams have been trained abroad by the manufacturers of the supplied equipment to ensure perfect and guaranteed results.

Why a Green Roofing?

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What GreenWay Industries can do for you

In addition to the above, Greenway Industries offers additional services which include environmental studies, landscape architecture studies (including roofs and walls) and construction studies.

The systems manufactured by the companies we represent, are provided exclusively by Greenway Industries and are inspired by scientifically and professionally qualified designers and manufacturers. The professionalism of our scientific staff offers the best guarantee of our ability to offer solutions for a wide range of innovative and qualitative design and manufacturing needs.

Greenway Industries has the ability to provide individual systems tailored to the customer’s needs and desires, based on their own specific architectural plan. This results in the renewal and improvement of the environment through a functional design based on aesthetics, as well as other qualities.

Greenway Industries can also offer green roof systems and green vertical wall systems which can function as a building’s ecological protective cover, in which solar panels can be integrated. A Green roof, also known as living roof or Eco-roof, also protects buildings from flooding, overheating and drought, as it absorbs rainwater which can be used by our systems for the irrigation needs of the building. The thermal insulation of buildings through this proposed “green solution” can mitigate the urban heat island effect, a phenomenon that is particularly prevalent in Cyprus. Buildings with green roofs absorb less heat during daytime and as a result the increase of air temperature in rural areas is less pronounced due to the lower absorption of heat.

Our GreenWay Systems!

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GreenWay Industries Sustainable Farm Systems

Greenway Industries and its partners have succeeded in developing the most sustainable food system in the world, for both vegetables and fish, elevating the already successful aquaponics method and making it more efficient. It is now possible to produce custom made sustainable aquaponic farm systems using 95% less water and in the absence of pesticides or chemical fertilizers associated with traditional farming.

Greenway Industries has developed systems specifically designed to be fully adaptable for all climatic conditions. Our systems are completely natural, and can also be installed indoors offering top quality crops that grow and produce throughout the year, as they are independent of external weather conditions, and as a result provide a return of investment in less than three years.

Another great advantage is the fact that the crops require only half the time to grow and start yielding, compared to traditional methods. This ensures selfsufficiency in fresh food, mainly vegetables and fruit, as well as fish, with zero carbon dioxide emissions. Furthermore, this completely natural farming method produces food that looks and tastes better compared to food grown through traditional methods of agriculture.

Greenway Industries is fully committed to provide successful projects that will stand through time and will be beyond customers’ expectations. Please contact us for the full presentation regarding our products and solutions.

The future of building is Green!