ANS Global

ANS Global

The Art Of Living Pictures

The world’s leading expert designer and provider of Soil based living walls and living pictures, makes interior architecture easily accessible in every aspect.

None in the world has designed, grown and installed more square meters of Soil based living walls than ANS Global.

Texture and colour are combined to create something unique and long-lasting realistic feeling. It also allows more creative potential using the natural beauty of living plants to decorate walls using art. ANS Global’s living pictures are durable and require minimum maintenance.

Bring Your Buildings To Life

ANS Global has completed projects in diverse locales including New Zealand, Norway, Ireland, Russia, Bahrain, and England. Major hotel chains, leading companies in information technology and telecommunications, and major tourism getaway providers have entrusted ANS Global for strengthening their branding strategies and defining their corporate identities.

The high level of scientific and professional training of ANS Global partners and its extensive international experience, offers a guarantee for product quality as well as the excellent support provided by its qualified personnel.

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