Future Technologies

IQ-Façade Future Technologies is a contracting and consultancy company specializing in façade and cladding technologies. The Company is based in Cyprus with offices in Greece and Serbia.

IQ-Façade Future Technologies has a significant experience in this field of more than 22 years. Cooperating with world renowned architects, engineers and contractors, the company has executed numerous high-tech and complex projects both in Europe and the Middle East.

The Aesthetic & Environmental Art

By working closely with leaders in this field including IFC, CWCT, SFE, Eckelt Glass, Arnold Glass, Schuco, Jansen, the company has the know-how to run a successful team focusing on quality and service provision.

The company’s activities cover the design, engineering, project management, installation, as well as the consultancy for a wide variety of systems and materials like:

  • Complicated Glass Facades and Skylights
  • Glass Fin Structures
  • Glass and Metal Structures
  • Freeform Glass Roofs
  • Cable Net Glass Structures
  • Cladding Systems (Non Ferrous Metals, GRC, etc)
  • Fire Rated Systems
  • Custom-made Façade Systems

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