WOLFIN Bautechnik

WOLFIN Bautechnik

Flat Roof Refurbishment at the Highest Level

A pioneering company with over 50 years of experience in revolutionary methods for waterproofing and protecting flat roofs, offering customers durable, leak-proof, long-lasting and stable-value product solutions in the system, producing plastic roofing and sealing membranes for flat roofs and building waterproofing.

Wolfin Bautechnik has been setting standards for over a generation, with innovative and intelligent flat roof and structural waterproofing. Specializing in the production of synthetic flat roof and building waterproofing systems which provides customers with durable and sustainable solutions.

‘When ambitioned architects do not only think about the recovery period, where leading professionals think about the security and “insurance” of the facility, in these cases you should not try to save money on the right materials for roofing.’

Together with Wolfin we aim to assist carpenters, industrial users, architects and specialists with their services and in finding the right intelligent system product solution. All of this takes place with the support of the ICOPAL-Group.


Roofing Membranes And Components For Flat Roofs

The WOLFIN Guide, a beloved manual prepared by specialists, has set new parameters in innovative and intelligent flat roof and waterproofing solutions for more than one generation.

Wolfin regularly works together with leading scientific institutes. For example, Wolfin together with the Fraunhofer Institute for Construction Physics in Stuttgart and Holzkirchen undertook long term field studies to confirm the withering behaviour of moist roofing layers.

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