ZinCo GmbH

ZinCo GmbH

Life on Roofs

When it comes to creating space on rooftops, ZinCo has established itself as a global market leader specializing for over four decades in the application of long-lasting, functioning solutions for the utilization of rooftop landscaping technologies worldwide.

The company was founded in 1957 in Nuertingen, Germany (near Stuttgart), where its current headquarters are, and employs in Germany alone more than 100 trained personnel.

Since 1987, ZinCo began to expand abroad and has established a global network of subsidiaries and exclusive partners in 50 countries, one of which is Green Scenes Cyprus.


If Parameters Are Right, Almost Everything Is Possible

ZinCo has a competitive advantage through implementing its own application technology and maintaining internal research and development departments, while at the same time carrying out research projects in collaboration with national and international educational institutions.

ZinCo participates in various international and German committees and organizations such as the “European-EN Standards”, the German “DINStandards” and “the FLL Green Roof Guidelines”.

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