Safety Systems

Safety Systems

In Partnership With Zinco

Safety-barrier Systems for Working on the Roof

When working on rooftops – and this includes maintenance work on green roof areas – personal safety equipment is to be used wherever risks cannot be avoided or suitably limited by safety measures like, for example, railing.

ZinCo provides various safety systems which do not penetrate the roof covering

In the case of the Fallnet® SE system, the stop device is held in place solely by the weight of the landscaping. The total of four straps, which are fitted to the Fallnet® SE, are supplied with a guide sleeve. The guide sleeves ensure that the suspension point above the landscaping can be easily recognized.

Fallnet® SR – the Flexible Fixing Device for Fall Protection on Roofs

The fixing device Fallnet® SR provides a high degree of flexibility. The grid elements can be plugged together according to the individual form of the roof. The fixing point is placed in the center of the grid elements. It is also possible to retrofit Fallnet® SR into an existing green roof build-up.

Fallnet® SR Rail – the User-friendly Fall Protection Device for Virtually all Roof Situations

The Fallnet® SR Rail system allows its users to attach themselves to a fixing point that can move horizontally. This so-called runner slides along the aluminium rails with its easy-running rollers and follows the user wherever they go and, thus, offers maximum comfort.

Fallnet® SB 200 Rail

Has been developed particularly for use in combination with System Base SB 200. This solution provides all advantages of Fallnet® concerning safety combined with the use of solar power plants.

Railings – Elegant, Practical and Installed without Penetrating the Roof Membrane

Railings can also be attached to flat roofs or rooftop terraces without having to penetrate the roof covering. The superimposed load required can be generated through slabs in the bed of stone chippings or in the bulk solids (gravel, landscaping substrate, etc.).

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