Semi-intensive Roofing

Semi-intensive Roofing

In Partnership With Zinco

A semi-intensive roof is the ideal solution when the roof is visible and needs all-year-round colour. Semi-intensive roofs require a greater – though not substantial – substrate build-up compared with extensive roofs and provide a greater water retention capacity allowing for a more varied landscape which can be designed according to customer requirements.

Semi-intensive roofs are also suitable for recreational use and can include paving and patios. Limited but periodic maintenance and irrigation are required.

Intensive Green Roof “Heather with Lavender”

“Heather with Lavender” is a simple intensive green roof system and allows for the inclusion of various perennials and small shrubs in the plant selection. Compared to extensive green roofs, the larger capacity of the drainage layer and the thicker layer of growing medium facilitate this broader plant palette.

Apart from low-growing Sedum species, the plant community “Heather with Lavender” also contains fragrant drought resistant herbs and small shrubs, like thyme, oregano, lavender and ornamental grasses, which can be completed by colorfully flowering species using a special planting design.

For this semi-intensive green roof, the ZinCo Floradrain® FD 40-E water retaining- and drainage element is combined with the ZinCo “Heather and Lavender” system substrate specifically developed for this plant community, to create the right growing conditions for the various species of the “Heather and Lavender” type of Green Roof.

By shaping the substrate layer, it is possible to create a varied appearance. Various designs and combinations with walkways and patios are also possible. The “Heather with Lavender” system requires only moderate care and maintenance. During dry season additional irrigation may be necessary.

Technical Data*

Build-up height
ca. 160 mm

Weight, saturated
ca. 195 kg/m2

Water retention capacity
ca. 70 l/m2

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